Checklist: Moving House In South Australia 2022

At Moveall, we’re experts at moving house, which is why we’ve put together a handy moving house checklist complete with all our top tips.

This comprehensive guide will help your upcoming move go as smoothly as possible, whether you’re working with a Removalist or not.

General Moving House Checklist

  • Always remember to start early. Start preparing for your relocation 4-6 weeks before the moving date.
  • Decide whether you want to do complete your move by yourself or to hire a professional removalist. Working with professionals will ease your workload on the day of moving, making it a faster and less stressful day. 
  • Use the Moveall’s Online Quote Generator to get an estimate of any costs and times associated with your move.
  • Confirm that your new home will be ready and in a condition to receive your most valued possessions. This is especially important for anyone moving into a new-build home.
  • Give a prior notice to redirect all your utilities, newspapers, and subscriptions to your new address. Due to the Pandemic, many organisations have extended processing times for these services. 
  • Start to run down all the consumable things you have in your current house which you might not need to come with you, like food items. This will prevent unnecessary wastage and reduce the amount you will have to pack.
  • Compile all your essential documents, property and tenancy contracts, insurance papers and medical records in one place.

What You Need To Organise 4-6 Weeks Before Moving House 

  • Get Quotations and Book Your Move with your Removalist
  • Confirm they offer insurance for your moving day, if they don’t - make sure you arrange this for yourself
  • Arrange household insurance for your new home
  • Book car transport
  • Arrange for pet transport
  • Inform the Electoral office about your change of address
  • Update your car registration, insurance and driver’s license address
  • Update your address in the following places:
    - Banks
    - Mobile Phone & Broadband Companies
    - Credit Cards
    - Subscription Services
    - Friends & family
  • Prepare your inventory list for the removalists, and note down any existing dents and scratches
  • List precious and fragile items that might need special care or packaging
  • Sort through your belongings, donate or dispose of anything you won’t be taking with you to your new home.
  • Check the manufacturing information for any large or obscure appliances for specific moving instructions
  • Begin sorting through your garage, sheds and garden. Make a list of what’s coming with you.
  • Use up or responsibly dispose of flammable liquids such as paint, garden chemicals or fuel.
  • If you’re moving abroad or interstate, arrange your travel tickets and accommodation for the journey
  • Let your gardener, cleaner and babysitter know about your move
  • If necessary, make any storage facility arrangements 
  • Seek quotes and set up utilities and insurance at the new home
  • Book a professional team of Wrappers & Packers for the week of your relocation. At Moveall, we provide packaging materials and supplies with our Wrap & Pack services. Confirm if this is the case with your removal team too. If not, source the below materials:
    - Moving boxes
    - Fragile warning tape
    - Packing paper and tape
    - Permanent markers
    - Bubble wrap
    - Sack trolley

Things You Need To Organise One Week Before Your Moving Day

  • Create a furniture and contents plan for each room
  • Water your indoor plants and pack them in plastic tubs 
  • Return rented or borrowed items
  • Backup any computers, tablets and phones 
  • If you operate a business from home - inform your clients about your upcoming move and share your new address with them
  • Arrange crates and creature comforts for relocating your pet. Chat to your Vet if you’re unsure about what you might need. 
  • Confirm your new address, contact number, packing and unpacking requirements, tools, payment options and other details with your Removalists
  • Arrange parking facility for the Removalist’s vehicle, you might need to steal your neighbour’s spot for the day.
  • Organise a mail redirection with Australia Post

What You Should Organise The Day Before Moving House:

  • Keep your essential bag and survival kits separate from the main boxes
  • Inform your removalist of any parking instructions
  • Ensure each family member has an overnight bag with their essentials for the first night
  • Defrost your fridge and freezers, and give them a good clean
  • Drain liquid from any ice makers, washing machines, etc.
  • Take note of your electricity meter readings
  • Turn off your hot water system
  • Cross-check the garden area, cupboards, garage and sheds
  • Remove your electric garage opener from your car

Moving Day Hitlist For Your New & Current Home

Checklist For Your Current Home:

  • Welcome your Removalists and give them a detailed tour to with clear instructions for each room
  • Ensure your high priority boxes can be accessed easily
  • Keep your important items separate and carry these with you 
  • Pop all your wheelie bins out for collection
  • Leave a note for any deliverers or mailmen who might leave parcels 
  • Make sure the house is secure before you leave. Lock all doors, windows and garages before you return the keys to your real estate agent.
  • Double-check and sign your inventory with your removalist before they take off

Checklist For Your New Home:

  • Ensure that your Removalists can access all the areas of the house and garden
  • Have a photocopy of the furniture floor plan and share this with your removalist team beforehand
  • Take note of your meter readings and check all your utilities are connected, especially If you’re going to arrive after dark. 
  • Once they have unpacked, check and sign off your inventory with your removalist. 
  • If you’re renting, take pictures of any existing bumps and scratches in the house before you begin to move in
  • Settle pets and children with familiar things and prioritise making each family member’s bed first
  • Inspect your new garden before your kids and pet start playing

Moving house is always a stressful time, but hopefully, with a thorough checklist and help from a professional and reliable removalist team, things can go as smoothly as possible. 

Moveall’s Moving House Checklist will have you feeling more prepared and organised ahead of the big day. But the main thing to bear in mind is to take your time to settle down comfortably and unpack carefully - don't expect everything to be done immediately. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Calling All South Australian’s - Are You Ready To Move House? 

Now you’ve read the checklist, you might be ready to consider point number two on our list and book your removalists in. Contact the Moveall Team, or arrange a Free Online Quote in minutes and get the ball rolling.

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