What Does A Removalist Do?

First Thing’s First - What Is A Removalist? 

A removalist is an individual or team of professionals who are commissioned to move people’s belongings safely, securely and efficiently from one location to another. Their services are usually required when someone is moving house or relocating their office, however, removalists can also be hired to move just one room or even single pieces of furniture. 

What Does A Removalist Actually Do?

A good removalist, or moving company, will help ease the stress of moving by offering their tools, systems, muscles and efficiency to help you get from A to B without all the hard work.

Typically, removalists load, transport and unload your belongings from your existing property to your new home. However, depending on your requirements, your removalist may also offer a preliminary service such as Moveall’s Wrap & Pack to help pack your belongings, wrap any fragile or delicate items and dismantle any furniture. 

Working with a team of removalists will reduce the physical and mental stress caused by moving, as well as saving you time and ensuring your belongings arrive safely and all in one piece.

Different Types Of Removalist Services

At Moveall, depending on the travel time and distance and the level of service you need, we offer four core removal services;

Full-Day Move
Half-Day Move
Wrap And Pack
Supercharge (For heavy items like pool tables) 

If you’re on a tight schedule and need to carry out your move as quickly as possible, we recommend opting for the complete Wrap & Pack service where our team handles everything – packing, loading, transporting and unloading your belongings. 

However if budget is a concern, and you have a little more time to play with, you can always skip this service and opt for one of our Move Only packages. You can source free packing materials from your local school or shops, or friends who have recently moved.

A Full-Day Move

With a Moveall Full-Day package, you’ll have two professional removalists from 8am through to roughly 5pm the same day. The team will arrive on time and full of beans, ready to line any delicate surfaces and floor coverings in your home before they get moving. 

Once the truck is packed up and ready to go and the inventory is recorded and signed, they’ll head off and meet you at your new home - ready to unpack, review and sign off the inventory.

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A Half Day Move

A Moveall Half-Day move begins at 8am and usually wraps up at 1pm. You’ll receive all the same premium inclusions from the Full-Day Package with protective matting, basic furniture disassembly and inventory management, however, this package is designed for moves over shorter distances or with a smaller inventory. 

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Wrap And Pack

Our Wrap & Pack Service is an optional extra available with any Half or Full Day moving package. It’s a great option for busy families on a tight schedule and could do with a few extra hands with the tiresome job of packing and wrapping delicate belongings. 

This service includes packing all household items and applying protective wrapping and packaging where required. As part of the service, all boxes, bags, labels and packaging materials are provided. 

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Heavy Items Supercharge

Supercharge, as the name suggests, supercharges either your Full or Half-Day moving package with an extra Moveall team member as well as additional protective and lifting equipment. 

This additional service is a must-have if you’re upcoming move includes bulky items like a piano, pool table or anything else extra large and extra heavy. 

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Booking The Right Moveall Service For Your Relocation

Understanding what services you require is the first step to choosing the right Moveall package. We encourage our customers to think about these 5 points before they seek out a price:

  • Timeframes - Are you pressed for time or do you have time to Wrap & Pack
  • Insurance- Do you require insurance?
  • Budget - What are you able to spend on your relocation?
  • Travel Distance/Time - Where are you moving from/to?
  • Volume Of Belongings - How much do you have to move?
  • Scale Of Belongings - Do you have any heavy or bulky items? 

Once you have this mapped out, choosing the right package is as easy as clicking your way through our Free Online Quoting Tool and generating a tailor-made answer in minutes.  

Now you know exactly what removalists do and just how we can help you, get in touch and our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help you Get That All Moved In Feeling

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