What's the best size removalist truck for when you move house?

Well, that depends on how much stuff you have! Moving house can be a stressful time (even when everything goes to plan) so the last thing you’ll want to do is to come back for a second trip with your truck.

Our guide below will help you gauge how much space you will need on your moving truck for your next move.

First things first - figure out what you’re moving.

Have a look around and think about how much stuff you have to clear out first. What is going to get donated, and what is going in the skip bin? 

You also need to be aware you can’t move everything in your house, some items are restricted from travelling with removalists, from such things like aerosols and detergents to fertilisers and fuels. If you need to know what you can and can't move, check out our guide here.

Calculate How Much You Have To Move

You’ve now narrowed down your list, so how do you measure exactly what you’re going to move.

The best way to measure how much you’re going to move is with cubic metres.

Cubic metres are volume measured 1m wide, 1m long and 1m high. 

So, grab a tape measure and notepad and figure out how many cubic metres worth of stuff you have to put on the truck. This will give you a reasonable idea of what size truck you’ll need.

Think in size, not weight.

Many truck rental businesses will advertise their vehicles as a 3 tonne, 5 tonne, 8 tonne and so on. 

This doesn't always give you an accurate idea of how much packing space you will actually get with each truck, as each vehicle's weight varies and depends on many factors, but cubic metres will always stay the same.

Hertz Truck Rentals is our recommendation for a truck rental business that advertises their truck fleet with cubic meterage on display which is great for an easy overview of your options, but most places will be able to confirm the cubic meterage for their vehicles over the phone. 

Is There A Quick Way To Calculate How Much I Have To Move? Without Measuring Everything I Own?!

If you’re a fan of living on the edge, follow this rough guide to figure out how much space you’ll probably need in your removalist truck.

1-2 Bedrooms/1 living area

  • 3-4 Tonne Truck/ 20+ Cubic Metres

2-3 Bedrooms/1 living area

  • 5+ Tonne Truck / 36+ Cubic Metres

3-4 Bedrooms/2 living areas

  • 8-10 Tonne Truck / 45+ Cubic Metres
  • This size and above is where access starts to get tricky for some tight streets and driveways.

4-5 Bedrooms/2-3 living areas

  • 12+ Tonne Truck / 60+ Cubic Metres

How Can I Ensure My Removal Truck Is The Right Size?

Simple, book with Moveall and let us do it all for you!

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