How Much Does A Removalist Cost?

Moving house can be infamous for being one of life’s biggest financial (and emotional) stresses. But this doesn’t always have to be the way! We're here to show you just how much a removalists costs, how to detect and avoid hidden costs and tips, tricks and hacks to save a few pennies when you're next moving house. 

How much does the average removalist cost in Australia?

We’ve pulled some data from Australian Trade Services which says, for a local (same city) move, you can expect to a total cost of anything between $300 to $3,500, or $75 to $300 if you’re working by the hour.

As you’d expect, these costs are dependant on all sorts of factors like:

  • Size & access at House A
  • Size & access at House B
  • Distance travelled
  • Any heavy/fragile items
  • Time/day of week

Removalists usually require details on the above before they can cost your move. 

How do removalists calculate their costs?

According to our market research, removalists often charge by the hour, half-hour, or in 15-minute increments. Most remoalist companies will use a simple equation to cacluatle the cost of your move: the number of rooms in House A & House B, ease (or difficulty) of access to both properties, the number of removalists they need and the time required to get the job done. 

If your move has restricted access, parking, flights of stairs or specialty heavy items such as a pool table, piano or large fish tank, these are usually quoted as additions to standard moves.  

Keep reading to find out exactly how much we charge for standard moves and additional extras like Supercharge, Wrap & Pack and Interstate moves.

How can I pay for my removalist?

We can’t speak for other removalists, but at Moveall, we’re all about what works for you. With this in mind, we offer flexible payment options for all our customers and their removalist costs. We accept all major debit and credit cards, Apple & Google Pay and Afterpay

Our Afterpay Removals gives you the flexibility and the freedom to Move Now and Pay Later. Better yet, if you’re a Moveall For Business customer, you can expect perks like EOM Accounts and Pay Early Discounts.

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Then you'll love what's coming next. Download our current rate card, detailing all our local and interstate removal costs –  including wrap & pack, transport and storage. Our rate card is 100% transparent, with no hidden fees or additional extras, just straight up facts. 

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