How Much Does A Removalist Cost?

Moving house can be infamous as being one of life’s biggest financial (and emotional) stresses. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. 

This article details average prices for relocating your home within Australia as well as tips, tricks and hacks to save a few pennies and flexible ways to pay for your relocation. 

Average Cost Of Hiring A Removalist In Australia

We’ve pulled some data from Australian Trade Services which says, for a local (same city) move, you can expect to a total cost of anything between $300 to $3,500, or $75 to $300 if you’re working by the hour.

As you’d expect, these costs are dependant on all sorts of factors like:

  • Size & access at House A
  • Size & access at House B
  • Distance travelled
  • Any heavy/fragile items
  • Time/day of week

Removalists usually require details on the above before they can quote your move. 

Most removalists will charge by the number of bedrooms or floors your house or apartment might have and as such, how many crew members you need. This can be an expensive way of calculating the cost of your move as it might not be an accurate reflection of how much there actually is to move.

As industry professionals, our advice would be to seek out a removalist who offers flat rate pricing (like we do). That way, you can simply hire a moving crew for the day and they’ll work hard to get the job done in the amount of time you’ve purchased.

Flat rates not only keep it simple, they keep your costs down. 

How Do Removalists Calculate Their Fees?

According to our market research, removalists often charge by the hour, half-hour, or in 15-minute increments. Most remoalist companies will use a simple equation to cacluatle the cost of your move: the number of rooms in House A & House B, ease (or difficulty) of access to both properties, the number of removalists they need and the time required to get the job done. 

As a rough indication of how this equation might play out, here are some indstustry guides for (same-city) removals in Australia: 

  • $125/hr for a one-bedroom apartment, using two movers

  • $175/hr for a small three-bedroom apartment, using three movers

  • $245/hr for a large three-bedroom home, using four movers

  • $315/hr, for a large family home of four or more bedrooms, using five movers

If your move has any uncommon intricacies or specialty heavy items such as a pool table, piano or large fish tank - removalists will take this into consideration too when quoting your job. 

How Do Flat Rate Removals Work?

At Moveall, we’re proud to offer Flat Rate Removals. We like to think it keeps things simple and stress-free for our customers and means you’re only paying for removalists for the time that they’re actually working. 

We offer four separate removals packages, which you are welcome to mix and match to achieve the service level you require. 

  • Half Day - Does what it says on the tin! You’ll get to have the Moveall team for half a day. Ideal for small moves with a short travel time. 
  • Full Day - Another no brainer, a full day of moving fun. Best for houses with two or more bedrooms or anyone relocating a couple hours away. 
  • Supercharge - Extra tools and a little more muscle power for any heavy, bulky or specialist items. Add this onto either a Half or Full Day Package and supercharge your move.  
  • Wrap & Pack - The key to a successful move is a successful packing operation. Why not send in the professionals and get the Moveall team to Wrap & Pack the day before?

How Can I Pay For A Removalist?

We can’t quite speak for other removalists, but at Moveall, we’re all about what works for you. With this in mind, we offer flexible payment options for all our customers. We accept all major debit and credit cards, Apple & Google Pay and AfterPay. 

Our AfterPay Removals gives you the flexibility and the freedom to Move Now and Pay Later. Simple select your desired package, then checkout securely and easily with interest free Afterpay.

Better yet, if you’re a Moveall For Business customer, you can expect perks like EOM Accounts and Pay Early Discounts.

Final Thoughts

Take the first steps to getting that ‘All Moved In’ feeling and Contact Our Friendly Team for a free, no obligation quote, or use our Easy Online Tool to generate your free quote in minutes. If you like the price and the date works for you - complete your booking in just a few clicks.

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