Everything You Need To Know About Buying, Using & Storing Moving Blankets

Moving blankets or ‘pads’ are used to protect your furniture and your house during the process of relocating. They should be used to wrap any and all furniture items which are loose or unable to be boxed. Professional moving blankets are made from a quilted, heavy-duty blend of cotton and polyester, which makes them soft on your belongings, but tough enough to prevent and resist scratches, scuffs and tears. 

At Moveall, we use moving blankets to wrap every piece of furniture of yours that we move. We take this extra precaution to protect your valuable belongings at no additional charge and even if you don’t opt for our Wrap & Pack Service, your furniture will always be protected with moving pads and wrap as an absolute minimum. 

All Moveall trucks are loaded with over 100 blankets, which means we arrived prepared for any job, big or small, with all the right tools. We use moving pads to protect your furniture during the move as well as the walls, doorways and floors within your home while we’re busy loading and unloading our trucks. 

We’ve realised there’s a big question mark over moving blankets and what they are, how they work and who’s responsible for supplying them during a professional move. To debunk the myths and answer your questions, we’ve put together our six most frequently asked questions about moving blankets

Where Can I Get Cheap Blankets?

What Are Moving Blankets Called?

Can Moving Blankets Be Washed?

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Moving Blankets?

Are They Waterproof?

Do Removalists Provide Blankets?

Where Can I Get Cheap Moving Blankets

Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks both stock wallet-friendly options but, we always recommend checking with your local hardware store or storage supplier first as they often offer great prices too. 

If you want to buy your own blankets, remember to source different shapes and sizes as you will need all-sorts to protect each of your different belongings.  

What Are Moving Blankets Called?

Moving blankets are often referred to as ‘pads’ or ‘moving pads’. They are usually made from a blend of blend of cotton and polyester, which makes them soft to touch but strong enough to resist scratches, scuffs and tears. 

Can Moving Blankets Be Washed?

Just like washing anything for the first time, always read the label of the particular make of blanket you have, as laundry instructions will vary. Our general advice is to wash them in an industrial machine at a laundromat and take them home to air-dry on the line, rather than tumble-drying them. 

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Moving Blankets?

At Moveall, we always advocate checking with your local suppliers first and asking for their more premium option. However, in our expert opinion, Packstore consistently have a great range of quality blankets and pads and will ship anywhere within Australia. 

Are Moving Pads Waterproof?

No, most blankets are not waterproof. This due to be partly (or mostly) made from cotton. However, as the cotton is usually blended with a water resistant materials like polyester, they do provide some protection from light showers. We wouldn’t recommend sheltering from a storm under a tent built from moving blankets, put it that way. 

Do Removalists Provide Blankets?

Almost all professional removalists will have their own moving blankets and will use them when and where they are required, at their discretion. At Moveall, we use them on every single job and will insist on protecting any and all of your belongings as part of our flat rate moving fee. 

Moving House Soon?

If you have any questions about our moving process and the proctective equipment we use, please Get In Touch with our friendly customer service team, we’ll be delighted to help.

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